Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When It Rains It Pours

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know about my love for Viking sewing machines. I can't explain why but I have tried out so many others that are said to be wonderful: Bernina, Necchi, Pfaff, and Elna in particular. They are fine sewing machines and have their classic models that I've tried but nothing calls to me quite like a Viking sewing machine.

Last night I come home to a nice package with belts I ordered for a Bernina 730 Record, Necchi BU, and Pfaff 130. This was going to be a fun evening trying these belts out, especially on the Bernina. But first I needed to get to my yoga class so I tore out, stopping at the local Goodwill on my way. I usually don't make stops before class but this time I decided I could squeeze it in. You know where this story is going by now. Yup, there was a Viking in a gray suitcase, very dirty, but with the extension table. Upon a closer look I could see the foot control was gone but it was a model 6020! I have several of these but for parts maybe? I did walk away once but came back to plug it in and the light went on. It was mine.

It was hard to empty my mind while in yoga due to my excitement but I managed to hold it all together until I got home. I had to wipe it off just to begin to look at it but that's how this usually goes. The hand wheel moved but there was a hitch in the movement so I took things slow, cleaning at bit inside but it wasn't too bad in comparison to the outside, oiling and moving things along. I go find another foot control and plug it in: she not only runs, she sounds good! I put it back together, turn the dials, put some fabric in and now's when I find out it only goes backwards. No problem since I have already dealt with this issue and feel confident I can release the buttonhole mechanism to get it moving forward again. I did look in the back to see if the cam gear was cracked, a favorite failing point, but it was intact as far as I could tell. Of course, it came with only the extension table, no feet, not even the adapter for the snap-on feet, but it did come with one bobbin and the A stitch selector cam. Not bad for my $20 investment. Besides, I might just find a foot control at a different store, as I wrote about in earlier posts on Morse and Kenmore sewing machines. Here she is after testing (I know, seen one seen them all):
Viking 6020 (again)
What a day; I never did get to the belts that were waiting for me.

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