Thursday, August 13, 2015

Repainting season

While the weather is mild, or even hot out, it's time to work in the garage and get the repainting projects done. I have three planned before it's too cold to paint, mainly 50 degrees, and have one well underway and paint for all three. Here's the progress on Mr. Green Machine:

Starting life as a humble Singer 99, this baby was worn, scarred, and in need to something. I took a vote earlier for a repaint of a Singer 15-91 and it seems people like a classic look. Not one to follow the crowd, I decided instead this little gal was going green, a lively green apple:
Singer 99 painted green apple green
I have found this older Singers are easy to strip with a chemical stripper, much work to mask off the parts that don't get painted, and after painting two black machines this green one was so much easier. No, I don't think I've gotten much better but it might be the actual color goes on smoother, fewer flaws. How to trim a sewing machine that is a color was a real dilemma: gold or silver decals? I don't think there would be enough contrast. Other colors? Pretty much just black but there wasn't a huge selection of styles. I finally decided a Singer 301 decal set in black would give the look I'm going for.
Singer 301 water slide decal set
I like the clean rectangular lines of the prism decal set and think it's not too pretentious. I could have used a Singer 221 set that are also fairly sleek but those are for the Featherweight and I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to pass off the repainted 99 as a Featherweight. The decals came today and were applied tonight:

Singer 99 in green with black 301 decals
I've been struggling with paint removal on the Phoenix 283: that paint is on there to stay! I'll give it another try but I might have to settle for a good sanding and then primer. This is really ugly looking:
Phoenix 283
I'm still going to paint it the original metallic green but, so far, this is way more work than it is worth.

A final repaint is going to be PINK! I love pink, I'm a pink kind of gal and just have to paint one pink. It will most likely be another Singer 99 but I do have a Singer 15-91 that is in need of a repaint but . . . pink? Even I can't picture that!


Thin Man Sewing said...

I originally voted black. Now I am changing my vote to how you finished this machine. It looks beautiful.

BarbaraShowell said...

I love the colors. I understand if you have a pristine finish you'd want the original color, but if it's going to be repainted anyway- go for it. If I could go long enough without it AND confident enough of my talent I'd love to repaint my chipped and crazed 201 with florals and free motion quilting designs.

Jana said...

What kind of paint are you using? I have a Singer 99 I am itching to repaint!!

Karen said...

I've used Rustoleum but having trouble with the clear coat so thinking about using Krylon next time. It's worth a try!

Ms. Rhymes-With-Tequila said...

Do you use a spray paint? I'm going to repaint a really junky, chipped old Featherweight and I've had a hammered-finish paint recommended to me, a liquid (not a spray). I'm wondering what you would recommend. Thanks!

Karen said...

I've only used spray paint but as long as you prep well I think another kind of paint might work just be careful of brush strokes.

Ms. Rhymes-With-Tequila said...

Just reporting back... the brush-on hammered paint looks lovely. Not a brush spot on it. It's oil-based, and I think that dries more slowly than water-based, so I didn't have any issues with that. I used a Rust-Oleum clear coat, though, and had some issues with it. Did you try Krylon?

Karen said...

I've been thinking about Krylon but now I'm going to try your suggestion. Thanks for the update!

Jodys said...

Where didn't you get your decals from?
Beautiful work!

Karen said...

Try Keeler Sales at
They also are on eBay if that is a route you like to take.

kim dever thibodeaux said...

I brought home a little 99 yesterday. I'm going to convert it to a hand crank. The finish is in bad shape, so I decided to try my hand at re-painting. I immediately decided on Apple green. I've been looking for pointers on repainting machines and found your blog. I was thrilled to see your Apple green 99!

I think I'll start stripping it tonight!