Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It all started with a Viking

It all started with a desire to upgrade my 30 year old Kenmore sewing machine. After a couple weeks of searching on Craigslist and researching my finds, I came up with this:
She's a beautiful Viking Husqvarna Freesia 415, about ten years old, and a good buy at $250 and a 30 minute drive north (okay, more like 45 minutes but that's my own lack of directional sense and checking my printed map before I leave the house). The owner said her husband bought it because their daughter had this model in high school and they hoped she would take an interest in sewing, a familiar lament of my generation. After ten years and only a few minor repairs, she was tired of feeling guilty about not using it (her daughter bought some cheap sewing machine and was happy with it) and an upcoming move compelled her to sell it and just move on.

I brought fabric to try it out, including denim, and it was a dream. I loved the clean lines, features I never even knew about, such at the fix button and up/down needle positioner, and I was a gonner. She still had the original box, VHS tape for instructions, manual, all assessories: what was not to like?

On the way home I had to stop and call my sewing daughter to tell her of my great find and she was supportive. Did I mention it was all on Mother's Day? What a way to celebrate.

I put her through her paces, trying out various stitches and effects, all smooth and easy. Storage is in the back tray that even lifts out to store less used items. So convenient! After watching the video I learned of a few additional things I had not read (or did not appear) in the manual. Speaking of the manual, it is for Freesia 415 and 425 so you keep seeing what you did not get if you have the lesser model. Of course, I wanted more bells and whistles but comforted myself with the idea that I finally had a VIKING sewing machine.

Life was sweet.