Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Manly Sewing Machines

Men have been buying my sewing machines. In fact, one was so popular I had 4 offers, all from men. What gives? Men have sewing repairs, too, and some have said they wanted to sew canvas, denim, and other heavy fabric, but it seems they are looking for a sewing machine that looks masculine or appeals to them.

Here are some that I've sold to men (apparently for themselves they have said):
This is Mr. Popular: looks like a great old car, huh?

Kenmore 1217 was one of the heaviest machines I've had.
Kenmore 1302, another heavyweight, was sold only 2 days ago.
Signature was sold to a man who brought his 10 year old son along. Bonding time?
Not all sewing machines are sold because they are heavyweights as some men have told me they were looking for a specific sewing machine. Take the man who was a nurse and was told by his sister that if he wanted a sewing machine he needed an Elna or a Bernina. I had a classic Elna SU on sale for quite a while so was surprised to get an urgent phone call asking if it was still available. You bet:
This Elna was in excellent condition, only one owner, came complete with full set of accessories and cams. It would rise up to use as a free-arm with the push of a button. Beautiful. His sister was right: buy the best.

During my sewing machine garage sale I had a gentleman drooling over a Domestic Gold, going out to his car to convince his wife he needed this sewing machine:
He loved the way it sounded (I did, too) and told me stories about his mother's Necchi. If it had only been a Necchi he would have bought it without his wife's consent. Alas, this one did sell 4 months later to a quilter as a portable with a cabinet to take up to the cabin. That's right, a portable and a table.

And finally I'm posting this Kenmore 158-122 for sale today. Wanna bet I sell it to a man?