Saturday, July 18, 2015

Compact Style

I like efficiency. One tool that can do many jobs, well organized closets, a place for everything and everything in its place kind of thinking. That's part of why I love the compact sewing machine cabinets where you can have a dedicated space for sewing, along with your tools, and it doesn't take up too much space, as you have read in my post about the Phoenix and its cool cabinet. I was surprised when another cabinet with a built in chair came up on Goodwill Online. Because it was a cabinet model it was pick up only so there were only three of us bidding and I won! Here's the cabinet when it's all closed up:

What secrets are hiding within?
The top was pretty well worn but if it would be as easy as the Phoenix to strip, stain, and seal, I'm in! So let's take a look at what this cabinet has to offer:
Two nice drawers for storage
Front pulls out: it's a chair!
All ready to sew.
Don't you agree that is not only efficient but cute? Overall condition is good but I still plan on refinishing the cabinet so it's the best it can be. Those knobs are solid brass, too, and cleaned right up. All of that on the positive side of the scale, now let's look at the sewing machine, a Domestic 725:
Domestic 725
What a cool art deco look with a textured finish so there are no decals to wear down and with a few chrome accents she is complete. The cords and wiring look good with only one spot that I put electrical tape on. Everything moved so I went in to clean and oil. The two ends came off but not the top yet I could reach almost everything, flipping it over the tend to it's underside. It had been used but not too much and certainly not mistreated. There is a built in knee control, something that makes more sense with it's compact size: where would you put a foot control so it could be used at the correct distance? I test drive the Domestic to feels like a tank. I can get her up to speed but even at full throttle and going very fast she just sounds...inelegant? After the initial disappointment wears off I thread it up and test with fabric to find it stitches just fine, no real adjustments are necessary so why am I disappointed? It just is a run-of-the-mill straight stitcher with a deep growl.

Maybe another sewing machine would fit into this rectangular opening. I test out a Kenmore and it fits fine but then I notice the knee control and the whole wiring harness that would need to be switched out. Somehow that just seems like way more work than is necessary. The cool cabinet has a not-as-cool sewing machine in it, everything works fine, I didn't overpay for it so JUST GET OVER IT! I tell myself. I think this is going to be a project I need to finish up very soon or it's going to languish. Sigh.

I'm sorry I've been a bit lax with posting recently but my computer has a virus and after hours and hours of antivirus medication it is still sick. Then I got sick (could I have caught something online, too?) and still have a stiff neck, the result of falling into a dead sleep in a recliner. This too shall pass but thanks for continuing to check in with Sewing Machine Mavin and reading about my adventures in buying, refurbishing, and selling sewing machine (and the things I make with them, too.)


  1. I am addicted to White straight stitchers at the moment. You can always donate this fabulous machine to me!

    1. I guess that means no. LOL
      I have a White Sewmaster 611 that is rounded and green. However I think it is a cousin to your Domestic. The controls look similar.

    2. It does look the same! If you need a manual, I could scan mine for you.

  2. I have a manual. But thank you for offering.

  3. Are you planning to sell this cabinet?

    1. This cabinet already sold with a Kenmore in it at my sewing machine garage sale in Sept. 2015. Sorry!

    2. Awww... well lucky that person, then! Thank you for responding.