Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Was Old Is New Again

An older project is finally coming to a satisfactory conclusion. Remember the Pfaff 130? Not the one I bought earlier this year but the one from 2014? It has been the subject of a repaint job but it got derailed by the cold weather. It languished in my basement over the winter and now it's getting the attention it deserves. I dusted it off and applied the decals:
Pfaff 130 repainted with clear coat

Pfaff 130 with decal placement

Pfaff 130 decals finished ready for the unveiling
It got another couple coats of clear coat (alright, maybe another four or five) and I started to take the tape for masking off the silvery parts. I should do this kind of thing in a shorter window of time because I couldn't remember what I had done but I had a model to look at with the one bought this spring.

Where do all those screws go? There was not only the motor and electrical works to put back, but the bobbin winder, presser foot and needle bar were all in need of cleaning before reassembly. I finally got it all back together and started to test her out. Growling. She is not happy with this and doesn't want to move. Closer inspection finds paper I had stuffed up inside and more little bits of plugs for the numerous holes (see what I mean about doing this with a shorted window of work time?) but even when they were removed it was very slow going. Patience is needed so I would walk away to do something else and every time I passed by I would try it again. By the next morning she was moving much quicker but I noticed a sound that seems like she needs more oil yet time and a little more TLC will find her back in her cabinet:
Pfaff 130 cabinet waiting in the workshop/garage
How sweet is that? This is one patient sewing machine to be gone from her home for almost an entire year but that time is coming to a close. She's quite the beauty now and running so much better. Who will be the next one to get a new paint job? I have two candidates: the Phoenix that I have planned on repainting from the start (but used the Singer 66 as the first one to experiment on and the Pfaff 130 because I need to get the big cabinet out of the garage) and maybe a fun one by repainting a Singer 99. I bought paint to match for the Phoenix, a nice sage green but the Singer 99 could be either a pink or a spring green. I know we voted earlier for a black repainting but I just can't bring myself to paint it black after the last two black repaints. I need more color in my life!

Stay tuned...

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