Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pony Express

Although I've been on vacation, it's been a great time in vintage sewing machine land: how could I ever leave all of the lovely ladies behind? I did manage to drive away but came back with many more to fill the garage and elsewhere. Oh boy, where do I start?

The plan was to stop and pick up a machine that wasn't being used and bring it to it's new owner who would love, love, love to use it. So on our way to Chicago we stopped in one of the suburbs and picked up a Bernina Record 831. Wow, is she beautiful:
Bernina Record 831

How was it that she wasn't wanted in Chicago? Sometimes a hand-me-down doesn't end up with the right person and it takes a few years before they wake up one day to the clutter in their lives and say "I think I know who might like that" and that lucky person receives a phone call. On my end, I heard my friend Jane talk about this Bernina and how she might actually get it some day. Then weeks later she very excitedly tells me that she IS GETTING IT but just need to figure out how to get the cabinet from Chicago to Minnesota and maybe she can fly down with frequent flier miles and bring the head back....STOP! I almost have to turn Jane around to get her to hear me say "We are going to Chicago for vacation and could probably pick it up for you." I'm not sure she slept that night in the giddy anticipation of finally having the Bernina she always loved from her husband's aunt who owned the Bernina Record 831 in the first place. She gets the measurements, address, phone number, and we agree on a day and time on our vacation. This is starting to sound like we are matchmakers! It turns out to be hardly out of our way and even though it's a big cabinet it fits easily in our car. This cabinet has great '60's styling and is in excellent shape just like the sewing machine so I wonder if it had been used much or just well cared for?

Along the way we pick up two more machines in cabinets, another portable, many miscellaneous parts that I will share in another post but we not only got it all into the back of our Jeep, we also fit our many suitcases, tote bags, and shopping items we just couldn't leave behind. Now I really do love this Jeep even though it's the largest vehicle I've ever owned and feels very large on the road. It can hold way more than I think it can and this trip proved it.

Once home and the car emptied out, we could once again see the Bernina cabinet so it goes over to Jane's house. Boy, is she going to be happy! I pick up Jane and Bob at church where they are finishing up with the community food distribution program for the week where they work so hard each week. They are so excited they don't even look tired so we pile into my car and we drive the half block to their house. Here they are with their new Bernina:
Bob and Jane frame the Bernina on top of the cabinet
Can't you just see their glow? It's not going into the house just yet because they need to move some things inside and I'm sure get the whole space all cleaned up, but I think it won't be too long. I've even wondered if I'll find Jane out in the garage sewing on her until she comes inside to stay. Heck, I would. I have! Several times I've enjoyed a sewing machine outside in the garage workshop because I couldn't bring it inside but just wanted to sew on it for awhile. Yes, Jane, I understand. It's a gem but you are, too, because you wanted so long for something you treasured. Most of the time life is like that, isn't it?

There's a bit of a post script on this adventure: Jane has an Elna 7000 where she shared her power cord with me so I could find out if the Elna 5000 I bought would work. After having it back to the shop twice in one year she now finds it just doesn't work at all. She really bonded with that Elna and misses it but then the Bernina opportunity blossomed before her. Maybe she won't miss the Elna so much after all? The Bernina probably won't take the place of the Elna in her heart and memories but it will be a good substitute going forward, don't you think? You betcha.

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