Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pretty Dresses All In A Row

The lure of pretty little dresses all in a row never seems to grow old for me. I loved making dresses when my own daughters were under age ten and now I find I still like to make little dresses. It's especially nice when I don't have to worry if they will be liked or even worn when I can put them in my Etsy shop and hope the right person will find one for the little girl in their life. So here's the parade of dresses:

We stared out with printed on dress patterns for the three rainbow dresses, written about in Ain't She Sweet:
Not much skill or imagination but my granddaughter picked this one to try on. Next up is one I featured in Daddy's Little Girl, a blue and white windowpane check with an eyelet overlay:

Then I tried my hand with a gray and yellow print that my daughter, Alison, admired:
This one is just a prototype because of the assembly errors but I did learn and didn't make those errors on the next models from this pattern:

Two dresses were made from the pattern below, being careful to find fabric that would have enough personality and could stand on it's own since there was so little contrast:

One in green (above) and one in pink (below), on right:

The dress on the left is the same pattern as the blue windowpane check with white bodice so a different look with other fabric.  It's been a fun project and still isn't over as I have another blue border eyelet dress cut out and ready to sew tonight. Here they are, sunning themselves on this bright sunny day:

May you find something that brightens your day, too!

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