Thursday, July 9, 2015

Finishing Up

What a great feeling to be finished! Here are the results of some long time posts that you might wonder "Does she even finish anything?" Not always, but today I need to show you the end results.

Here's the Pfaff 130 repaint in the refinished cabinet, ready for sale:
Not so glamorous in the garage but she was up on bricks over the winter and I looked at her every time I parked the car in the garage. It was closed up and the top was covered but now she is done, complete with the Pfaff 130, working quite well. I'm missing the knob for the feed dog drop and there are a few tweaks to the repainting (like infinitesimal pieces of blue tape lurking under edges of metal buttons) but those are minor issues that I will keep working on until it is as perfect as it can be. This was a cabinet and machine that were left on a back porch for many years, hense the repainting, but it has been a wonderful journey and a satisfying final destination.

A quiet machine in a demur cabinet that takes up so little space is the Phoenix 283:
I was only going to refinish the back of the chair but it turned out so well and was so easy to strip off the original finish that I went ahead and did the entire outside of the cabinet, too. I had the fabric for the chair cushion already from another chair project (does it look familiar Sarah?) and it was a perfect match for the metallic green tone of the Phoenix. This is one beautiful machine and now is in a cabinet that also is beautiful. It is so compact yet has great storage in the chair seat plus a lift-out caddy for all of the accessories for sewing including thread and bobbins. a wonderful sewing machine with a compact cabinet that anyone would be proud to own.

I'm happily sewing up dresses and hope to have enough done by this weekend to put them in my Etsy shop. It doesn't seem like much of a new item to only have a couple but I should have a dozen ready for photos very soon. I can hardly contain how much fun they are but maybe because they are fairly quick to make, unlike hours of work on sewing machines and cabinets. Oh wait, they do take hours to make and there is ripping out involved and hot irons...but a cute dress in the end and it brings back many happy memories. I'll hold back from posting photos of my own daughters when they were miniature size and wearing my home-made creations. But I remember.

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