Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Painting the town: part 3

You might be wondering what kind of paint I used and what about those Singer decals? This post will fill in some of those details.

Primer: Rustoleum gray primer; nothing special but with 2 coats and wet sanding in between (1 can)

Paint: Rustoleum gloss black spray paint also nothing special (1 can)

Singer decals: waterslide decals, sold in a variety of places but I bought mine at Keeler's. I took photos of the decals before stripping off the original ornamentation so figured out I needed "Filigree" for a Singer 66:

This is a sample of the decals

Clear coat: Rustolum clearcoat spray, 3 coats over the decals.

Tonight I got the first coat of black on over the primer:

Singer 66 Repaint: first coat of black
I know the photo isn't as clear as I might like but after an hour it was still too tacky to pick up so this was as close as I could get. It's more than a little bit exciting but I can see I will have to be very patient if this takes so long to dry. We are having work done on the garage end of the house so it was easy to leave both cars outside for several days until they come back on Saturday to finish it up (or at least continue in a big way!)

I hadn't ordered the decals until I applied the first coat of primer and now I might have to suspend the whole process while I wait for their delivery. I think I needed to see if I could get all of the old paint off and if this looked like it was going to proceed before I invested more money in this project. So far the decals are the most expensive part at $25. Just think if it was a red eye: gold and multicolors! I need to remember my goal of repainting the Pfaff where the decals are only $17 and now I have primer and paint so it's going to be really cheap!

Stay tuned: next installment will be coat 2 of the black paint. Yup, as exciting as watching paint dry.

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