Thursday, August 14, 2014

Garage Sale Mania

I love a good garage sale! Today I was driving back from the gym at 8 am (that's right, AM) and saw a sale right on the way home. As I drove up I could see about twenty Rubbermaid bins with notes on the front that read "Fabric - Prices marked" so I was pretty excited. Sure enough, she was a quilter, crafter, sewer and was trying to de-stash her supplies. Oh boy, I started to plan. $31 later I came home with this:

I have plans for my mother-in-law's wardrobe so I hope she will like some of my choices. She asked for another skirt but I was to pick the color so I suggested charcoal gray. Her response was "I guess I like black" so maybe I don't get to pick! I did find a mid-tone gray for a skirt and they are so easy to make that I don't mind making more than one. Or two. Or three. I matched some of these up to fabric I already had and think I might have some nice color combinations. The rest were for crafts, finding a nice watermelon print, tomatoes mini-print with coordinating border fabric, and fabric for the inside of a few of the quilted items I make. Even better yet, I asked her to call me at the end of the sale if she wanted to make-a-deal. She said Saturday might be half price day as I handed her my new business card.

So how is the repainting of the Singer 66 coming along? I'm really encouraged with this, hopefully, final coat of the clear spray. I'm stopping to buy the 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper to see if I can fade the outlines of the decals and that will be the final step in the painting process. I will use a razor blade to cut off the paint tape and then to clean up all of the metal. And now to see the final clear coat:

I won't be too modest because I think it's turning out better than I had hoped, especially for a first time. Yea!

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