Friday, August 8, 2014

Interlude: Singer Decals

Here we are again, looking for progress on the Singer 66 (with filigree decals) repainting. It's taking a long time for the first coat of black paint to dry but the plan is to wet sand between coat one and two before the water slide decals can be added. While we wait, let's talk about the various decals you can have for a Singer 66. The ISMACS website has a list of the various Singer styles for home sewing machines but here are some of the more common ones you might find:

Tiffany or Gingerbread
Sphinx or Memphis
Egyptian or Lotus
La Vencedora
Red Eye
Now that we have some lovely photos from the ISMACS website, let's see how well you do in identifying my own collection of Singer decal sewing machines:
Exhibit  #1
Exhibit #2

Exhibit #3
Exhibit #4
Exhibit #5
Bravo for trying!Which ones do you have or are you longing for?

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