Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Painting the town: part 7

The final two coats of clear before I can step back and call her done. I can't forget that I have the motor bracket and cover for the wheel/belt to finish up but while they are drying and the wheel cover gets a decal there is much to work on: tape needs to come off and then the tiny bits of cleanup and touch-up will take place. This could take a few hours and then there's the metal pieces that didn't require painting but will need metal polish. But here we are so far with the first coat of clear after the decals:
Singer 66 with clear coat after decals
It does look amazing but not perfect. When I spray too far away or not heavy enough you don't get the shine and if too heavy the paint can sag. I do have a few sag spots but they are where the motor sits so it's not a big deal but it reminds me to be very careful. There is also an outline around the edge of each decal that I'm supposed to sand off with 1000 grit sandpaper after the final coat of clear. This makes me very nervous but I will wait to see how the third coat of clear actually looks.

In the meantime,the new ceiling tiles are in place and I cleaned up and moved back into the sewing machine workroom. My relaxing yoga class was all wasted when I went home to lift 30 pound sewing machines; it certainly counts as a workout! I put the new shelves in place (after trying to set them up 6 different ways), reinforced the bottom so it could hold the weight, and moved some onto these shelves:

There was only one top shelf so I placed it at the back and only put light items there. It was a good move, giving me a chance to make sure they all had labels and were placed in the right categories: repair, sale, listed, or ? , meaning I know there is something wrong but not sure what it is. There are actually not as many that need repair as I thought so that is good.

Craft season is coming very soon and I have one sale in September so I have to get cracking with the inventory. So many plans, so little time!

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