Thursday, August 21, 2014

Painting the Town: part 8

At some point you just have to say "Stop!" and get on with your life. That point has now come for the repainting of the Singer 66 when it comes to the clear coats of spray paint. There are still some non-shiny parts but they are where you are not touching (underneath the arm) on a regular basis so it seems a bit insignificant to me. The bed looked as good as I have seen so far so I removed the tape to see how it would look. Of course, now the metal parts need a good cleaning with metal polish and I still have to finish up the bobbin winder and belt shield but here she is, in all her repainted splendor (so far):

Singer 66 with final clear coat

Singer 66 with shine on the bed (looks a bit glassy?)
I can tell it needs to set-up for several weeks to get it to the usable stage. It feels just a bit soft yet so I know that paint needs to "age" a bit and I'm willing to put it all back together and then set it aside while the paint really gets firm enough not to worry about pins, etc.

So far I am pleased. Yes, you can see the edges of some of the decals but I'm not going to pretend it's not a repaint and we all know it's my first so I'm learning along with you. I hope this has been a good series of posts and you would like to attempt this yourself. Allow plenty of time and be patient because the longer it takes you the better the outcome! Total cost was under $40.
Singer 66 with some of her metal back on

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