Saturday, August 2, 2014

Promises, Promises

I have too many Viking sewing machines. I have too many Viking sewing machines that do not work. I have too many Viking sewing machines that I do not know how to make them work. This is a sad state of affairs:
Vikings lined up, ready for a miracle

How does this happen? I started with one that I sold, kept the next one, the next one I did fix, and from there it started to go downhill. The one I successfully repaired, a 6020, I'm afraid to sell because I still need it to look at with two other 6020's:

There are several that I can't get parts for (or at least I need to do more to find the part I need to order). And then there are models that need parts that I just have to wait until a similar machines is parted out and I can grab that specific part.

Last week I bid on and got a Viking 6020 that had many of it's parts gone but many still left. I had already gotten an extension bed for another one (it had one, too), a hand wheel cover (it also had a nice one). Now I hope there is enough left in it to fix the take-up lever. Here they are getting ready for surgery:
Donor sewing machine on right
I'm so glad I've gotten instructions from the Yahoo group on old Viking sewing machines! Detailed drawings for how to look for the troubled areas, how to take them apart, replace, and put all back together. It can be a bit of the Humpty Dumpty: I hope I can get it all back together again with no left-over parts. This is not a job to approach late on a Saturday so I have to walk away knowing it will still be there when I have a nice block of time to invest in these gems. I do love the Viking Huskavarnas; let's just hope my skills are up to this!

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