Thursday, July 3, 2014

Toy Story

As with most collections, there's an element of fun, and even whimsey, in what we choose to find and save. Today I'm going to shave two of my toy sewing machines. The first one I actually purchased via Craigslist, a toy Sears with a vibrating shuttle:

Compact in its case, pink, of course.

All of its goodies!

Bobbin case open with shuttle exposed
 It runs on batteries (AC cord was lost) and makes a fierce noise when you use that miniature foot control but it certainly does stitch! It was a hoot to figure it out and listen to the racket it makes but probably delighted some little girl back in the '60's. I think a 3/4 sized sewing machine would do a much better job and still be small and manageable, but Sears was out to capture a portion of the market with this toy.

A friend gave me the next toy and it certainly does not stitch but is way, way too cute to just set on a shelf:

All closed up with treadle underneath

Top flips open to reveal....

...a tiny hand crank sewing machine!

Moving parts: crank, treadle, 2 drawers
It is only two inches tall and three inches across so this is really miniature. With a hand crank I'm not sure what the treadle is for but it is still pretty cute.

This weekend I'm babysitting three of my grandchildren. As you can imagine, I will need plenty of engaging toys for a 7, 5, and 2 year old. I'm not going to take either of these toy sewing machines but I will take a hand-crank for fun times indoors. Stay tuned to see what they try to sew with Grandma Karen!

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