Saturday, July 5, 2014

Start Them Early

I'm not talking about your garden but those wee ones in your household. Today we got out the Singer 99 hand crank sewing machine and let Grant, 7, and Joey, 5, give it a try:

Grant concentrates on a blanket 

Joey likes to go fast! 
We had fun learning how to make it work but what could we make?  Grant wanted to use his practice piece as a blanket but when we made a sleeping bag for a favorite stuffed animal it also needed a blanket with fluff in it:
Sleeping bag on left with "blanket" on right.

Joey has misplaced a beloved tiny bear so he wanted to make a new one. The concept of sewing something inside out was a bit tricky but new bear got done by Grandma with cranking help by Joey:

Bear with green eyes and his bag and blanket. 
Bear would need a sleeping bag and blankie,  too, but this time Grandma cut and Grant did the sewing as per Joey's request. The finished project gave both boys fun in the afternoon making up adventure stories with their new or enhanced friends.

And Grandma got to share something she loves with those she loves.

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