Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Anybody Got a Dime?

Once in awhile I get asked if I have any machines to "practically give away" and the answer is yes, I do. Because people give me sewing machines, there are times when I can give one away. If I had to put a sizable amount of money back into them (i.e.Elna power cord and foot control for $87) I think I need to charge for that so free to me isn't always free. But here's a selection I have currently that I would consider free (now don't bombard me with requests!):
Kenmore 158-13450

The Kenmore has a nice variety of basic stitches to give it enough versatility. It sews quite nicely but it's got a few scratches on the top and it's missing the extension table so it's always free-arm ready!

Singer 237

 The Singer 237  is a great retro sewing machine, having a straight stitch and zig zag. It's in good shape but doesn't have the carrying case that's in this photo but I have cabinets in the garage I would love to give away.

White (no model #!)
The White sewing machine has a fatal flaw of a cracked part so it stitches great but only the basic stitches and no stretch stitches. It comes with a manual and the extension table is intact. It will get the job done but if you need the stretch stitches, you are going to have to use a small zig zag.

There is nothing wrong with getting a free sewing machine that doesn't have all the bells and whistles but will still work for you. Most of the time we are only straight stitching and a bit of zig zag so all the other stitches are just a bit of frills. Do I enjoy making all those fancy stitches? Of course! But the majority of my sewing is straight stitch with an occasional buttonhole and some blind hem stitching. For free, you might take a few flaws and see how much you like sewing before you sink any more money into a hobby you might not actually enjoy. But I have heard people say they have been sewing on that old Singer 237, 457, etc. for 30 years and feel there's no need to trade theirs in for a newer model. And to that I have to say "To each his own."

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