Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tickled Pink

I told my husband I was not going to be buying sewing machines until I sold more. It was my full intention to sell, sell, sell or at least get them all ready to sell (as most are). so why did I stop at my favorite thrift store on their 50% off day? I'm a glutton for punishment or maybe I believe there is just magic in the air.

Having been in this favorite shop only two weeks ago, I wasn't prepared for what I found on the shelves today. Fighting the crowd to get to the back of the store (everyone seems to like half off days, go figure) I didn't find just three or four sewing machines, as usual, but two in cabinets (no, no, no), five up on a large high shelf (never seen any there before) with five more on a low shelf. Get Out! Was it raining sewing machines or something? Had they been saving them for this sale? WHO CARES! I found the Necchi Lelia 510 I rejected just two weeks ago irresistible when it was now only $12.50:

Necchi Lelia 515
You bet she came home with me. She was a very dirty girl but I cleaned her up, added a new holder for thread spools at the back, new foot, new belt, new bobbin holder, along with a good oiling her insides. She sounded pretty good but I hope she will get better as it all soaks in and she knows she's not out to pasture yet.

After cleaning and updating
I know you can hardly tell the difference but just in case you enlarge these photos to see, you'll be able to tell. She's a straight stitch only, no cams internal or external, one of the reasons I didn't buy it the first time around. Yet Necchi has such a stellar reputation I thought it would make a great straight stitch machine and , of course, it's pink. One of my sisters had a pink toy kitchen set of a refrigerator, sink, and stove in a similar shade so it's a throw back to the '50's look. I just sold the pink Julia and maybe I was missing my pink a bit too much but not anymore. You guessed it: I'm tickled pink!

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Courtney said...

Recently I rescued a Necchi Supernova Ultra Mark 2 from the curb and bought a Lelia 513 at the thrift store. Now I've got the pink girls cleaned up and ready to work. I agree with you, the pink adds some fun color.