Saturday, July 12, 2014

She's Wired

Sometimes I wonder if I like the handcrank and treadle (termed "people powered" amongst their fans) sewing machines because I don't have to worry about the electrical connections. Today I decided to put my new-found electrical skills to the test. I have a section of the work area with machines labeled for various wiring jobs and picked two out that I thought I could successfully tackle. Here are some before photos of the offending parts:
Cracked rubber casing exposes wiring

Wires between motor and 3 prong receptical
The motors were opened, inspected, cleaned out but re-wiring was not in order just some electrical tape as reinforcement.
Motor insides are quite mysterious

After the motor was reassembled, now came the part I was most unsure about since I had placed the cords in the wrong 1,2,and 3 prong spots before. I made a diagram on a post-it:
Not an artist but accuracy was the skill
I second guess myself on the foot control wire so asked hubby for his opinion and changed it back.
I plugged everything in, got the motor and light firmly attached, and hit the gas. Okay, so I made quite a few adjustments before it ran smoothly but here's the Singer 15 now all ready to go:
Singer 15
With this much success I tackled the next one with similar problems but this time the motor was newer and slightly different. It did not want to come together but I finally got it to work but not too smoothly. This is where my research helped because they said after you run it awhile the bearings will adjust and they were right. Here's both the Singer 15 and 66 (second sewing machine to get wiring):
Neither of them are beauties cosmetically but the 15 is a great machine and sews beautifully so a few wear marks on her are fine. Now the 66 is a different story because it has initials scratched into it; I think this will be my first paint job. It's amazing what a little success can lead you to try!

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