Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tried But True

We are getting very close to getting my car in the garage. It has already snowed and I did have to scrape frozen rain off my car one morning but we are so close! The Necchi BF came into the house when Steve arrived to buy it but it seems it had been adjusted to stitch only a 10-12 stitches per inch range and he wanted a longer stitch. Can't blame him so I took a look later to find an adjustment screw that could easily be loosened to get the maximum amount of stitch length.
Necchi BF stitch length lever
The plate shows a maximum of 6 stitches per inch and I could get it to 6.5 while going forward and 6 when it is in reverse. I let Steve know but think he wants the full 6 instead of 6.5. Here's what it looks like:
It looks like we are both disappointed because I think this machine is great but Steve is holding out for another half stitch per inch. Okay.

While cleaning up the garage, I found the Damascus Project: identical sewing machines rotary with potted motors that I had hoped to switch. I got the motor out of the first one (in great physical shape but poor electrical shape)
First Damascus with great decals
but could not get the second one apart enough to get the motor out. Then I couldn't get the motor back in the first one!

Here's the open cavity for the motor: empty!
 I finally had to give up, clean up the second one, fix a plug end into the machine, and get it working again.
Second Damascus looking better with a cleaning

Rewired bit not perfect
It's working great! Rotary sewing machines aren't a real favorite of mine (right up there with vibrating shuttles)

Rotary: little wheel, not a belt
but I have had a few that were pretty nice and this is one of them. It did clean up pretty good and I think I can claim another one ready for sale. YES!
Looking good with decent stitches
What happens to the first one I couldn't fix? I have a recycle man that I keep them for and he makes a little money off of them and I'm hoping they aren't going into a land fill. Could I recycle them myself for the metal? Sure, but don't I wear enough hats already? I'm going to let him get rich instead of me.

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