Monday, November 7, 2016

In Defense of Crummy Weather

I have a hobby and business that thrives on crummy weather. When it's blistering hot or sub-zero, everyone stays inside and picks up on their hobby and, hopefully, it's sewing. Nice weather has all of us outdoors enjoying these last days of mild temperatures and this weekend was no exception. It was glorious! But I was indoors at a craft fair where everyone decided to come in the morning so they could enjoy the afternoon outdoors. Our sales were not too shabby but less than we had hoped for and other crafters were complaining so I knew we weren't alone.

On Friday I brought over three of our tables and found our usual space but now we had two spaces to include both Jim's jewelry and Kelly's bracelets. Here was a photo I took:

Our double booth space between two doors and all that natural light!
We got everything setup with the tables you see plus one down the center that was a new one Kelly bought. A couple hours into the sale the organizer comes over and said  we actually had another four to six feet! I didn't read the sign on the floor correctly! We moved the tables over and Kelly brought in her second table so now we really had the space. Here are a few shots of our displays:
Karen with shirt aprons, hot mitts, and sets of kitchen towels.

Kelly with her burp cloths and beaded bracelets (all new!)

Jim with his vintage and hand-made jewelry (two tables!)
We had fun taking off and looking at everyone else's displays and products, even buying a few items we couldn't resist. I bought some of Kelly's baby burp cloths so keep the money close to home, I guess. We enjoyed their good lunch served by the youth group of wild rice soup (Karen), ham and cheese croissant (Jim), and hot dogs (Kelly). Clean up is easy since we have done this so many times  together and we can drive up close to the doors for easy loading.

Next year we are planning on adding another location in Blaine that I scouted out last month and I always have ideas for new products; I just need to start much farther ahead I keep telling myself. Isn't it adventures like this that keep us young? I sure hope so!

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