Sunday, November 20, 2016

Promises, Promises

I'm frequently asked where I get so many sewing machines. This usually is asked when they walk in the front door and see three cabinet models with portable models sitting on top. That means there's usually at least six models right there with others on the floor waiting for sale or pick-up. Although this has changed our home in some pretty drastic ways, it does seem to be working for us:
In front of the built-in cabinets is my make-shift showroom
In an effort to reclaim other parts of our house, like being able to walk through my sewing room with ease and to get my vehicle in the garage for the winter, I need to sell more machines than I buy. It's just simple economics of supply and demand: the demand for sewing machines has to be greater than my supply. Right now I have about a half-dozen ads out on Craigslist but there are three sewing machines that are "spoken for." This means either someone has made an appointment to see one or we are busy making those arrangements. And here's where it gets sticky: showing up for an appointment. I'm not in the habit of standing anyone up that I have an appointment with. If it's a doctors appointment they will now charge you for the time you have wasted although we all know they will find someone else to fill that slot so they are most likely not missing out on much income. But to stand up someone who is selling you something? It's not only loss income but wasted time. When I sell a sewing machine I get it all set up, practice stitch, make adjustments, and sometimes set up similar sewing machines when I'm asked if I would have "anything else." I'm serious about my sewing machines, as you can tell.

This weekend has been somewhat of a mix on the theme of keeping your promises. Jennifer and I had been emailing back and forth about the Singer 301 in it's fancy art deco cabinet. She is finally ready to purchase, needing the cabinet measurements to be sure it was going to fit in with other furniture. She wants to come on Saturday but I already have an appointment set up at 2 PM with Kathy who is bringing back a serger because her daughter got the threading all messed up plus she has another serger and sewing machine to leave for repairs. Jennifer is willing to wait until 4 pm so I would have plenty of time to show Kathy how to thread the serger and to look at the other machines she is bringing. On Saturday afternoon I'm working on more quilted heart pot holders and finishing up some repairs but two o'clock comes and goes with no Kathy, no phone call. Three o'clock and I'm quilting the pot holders. By 3:30 I'm getting out Jennifer's Singer 301 and checking things out and still no Kathy, no phone call. Jennifer is delighted with the 301, pays full asking price, and told me they were at home just waiting until it was time to come pick it up. They were so excited as her daughter was getting the cabinet and she was keeping the Singer 301. As it turns out, Jennifer bought another sewing machine from me a few years ago so now we are sewing machine buddies.
Singer 301

Art Deco cabinet
At the same time I have someone interested in the Necchi BF but he's in Idaho. Not to be detered, Steve says he's driving down over Thanksgiving and Christmas and, if it's still available, he would like to pick it up. Several people have already looked at it but since it's still there I dig out the months old email and tell Steve it's still available if he's still coming this way. I get a phone call on Saturday and it's Steve, ready to pick it up as he swings by on Monday on his was to southern Minnesota. He's a delight to work with, making arrangements with my husband who will be at home on Monday. I'm excited and happy for Steve because this is one nice straight stitch sewing machine in perfect shape.

Necchi BF
So I win a few and lose a few and shouldn't be upset but the no-shows do get me riled up. Please, please, please, keep your appointments or call to let them know you are running late. It's the kind thing to do.

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