Friday, November 4, 2016

Last Minute Ideas

Here we are only a few days from the Salem Covenant Church Craft Fair and I'm coming up with new ideas. STOP I tell myself but the ideas keep coming. The good thing is having all of the hot mitts finished, all of the hand towels for sets have long been done, and I've decided what I will not include in this sale (baby back-zip sweaters, tea cozies, and tea bag holders). As soon as I have typed this I think about adding a few aprons, ironing board covers, and curling iron cases but I have to say STOP to keep my sanity.  I have made up the heart pot holders in another color scheme:
It's a patriotic hot mitt!

and I have the already-pieced fabric for four more hearts. Here is my dilemma:I started to make up some floaty throws/capes that I would love to feature but only have two so far:
Sheer fabric on this one with satin bands: so elegant!

Then I would like to use the great idea my daughter Alison pinned for me about a great little girl's Christmas dress:
One of the Pinterest versions

I already have a size three finished and fabric for several more but not the time even for such a simple dress. Maybe I can make just one and put out a sign taking orders?
My version with small chevrons and green polka dot ribbon

As always, I need to move the cabinets out of the garage so I can get my car in before it snows. In Minnesota that could be any day now but they continue to predict mild weather and I'm holding onto that. On Sunday I brought most the the sewing machine heads indoors along with three cabinet models: Singer 101, Necchi Mira SU, and a Singer 503A. The Necchi looks so nice, even if it is in the kitchen that I don't mind keeping it around. The Singer 503A is having difficulty stitching in the right position and think I could sell it easily once I got it fixed.

But I cannot dwell on these issues until after the craft fair! I'm also excited about having out-of-town visitors on Sunday after the craft fair and need to get things put away so they can walk in the door as it will be that bad after the fair. So all these things are balls in the air and I'm trying not to drop a single one.

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