Monday, June 2, 2014

There's a Singer 99 and then there's a SINGER 99

I love the hand cranks and have had fun in the conversion process (so easy!) so I was not looking for another one. But here's what found me on Saturday afternoon:

I'm a sucker for these little gems and I do mean gems: she was pristine, almost the cleanest and best condition I've ever seen. Cabinet was not wanted so I walked away. Yes, I WALKED AWAY. My husband doesn't believe I can actually do this so I went home and told him how brave I was. Of course, then I got to thinking about how I could use the cabinet on a Singer 185K that was in a nice box base and use the box base for the better looking 99 for a better hand crank. We found some items to donate so I could get a 20% discount (don't say that's shameless unless you have never done this before) and I went back to the thrift store between thunderstorms. Here's the end result:

Singer 99 in front with big sis 66 behind

Nice first attempt but her decals are nearly gone.
I think it's a much prettier hand crank and it works just fine (sorry old 99 but you might be a painting experiment one day)

I had to go back to look at the cabinet stored out in the garage (glad it's summer and my car can sit out more) and I found out there was a secret to this cabinet.

The support bar would not stay closed so I'll have to see what's wrong with it. In the process of checking it out I noticed hinges so I traced it back and forward to find I had a door with storage!

How cool is that! Just to make it even more fun I remembered one of my favorite cabinets also had that inside storage but I couldn't figure out how you would use it. I never saw the hinges. Now I ran back inside and looked at the cabinet, with a nice Singer 403 in it, and could easily see how it would open. Not a bit deal but you really want some kind of storage, even if a small box. So clever of those folks back then and now I'm even happier to have "one more cabinet" that will hold the Singer 185K.

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Cheri Dawn said...

I just finished reading every last one of your blog entries. They are thoroughly delightful! And thanks for finding time to visit with me between the raindrops AND the trips to the thrift shop :)