Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacation Day 1 (and 2)

My vacation started off with a real bang. Here I was, minding my own business, working on sewing machines and sewing as usual when I get a phone call to see a Singer 285 I had listed locally. No problem, come after lunch. I set the machine up and much to my dismay, the bobbin slide plate wouldn't open unless you lifted up the left side of the machine! This was not a good start, plus poor tension and was it ever loud and rattly. Well, it was what it was.
Singer 285 oh so green!

Kristi loved it! It is cute, in green, but even after I pointed out the problems? No, she loved it. I had a Singer 99 in a bentwood case on the table to use in a photo shoot for carrying strap holders that I make and sell on Etsy. Kristi asked if she could see what was inside so I opened it up to find a Singer 99 with a crinkle finish, pretty plain Jane but serviceable. Upon running it, she noticed how quiet and smooth it sounded and we got to talking about Featherweights, gear driven sewing machines, belted machines, pros and cons. At that point we went out to the garage to see my summer workshop and talk about the whole variety of machines I had out there and the cabinets and tables. Wouldn't you know it, Kristi fell in love, right in my garage, with a Singer 301.
Singer 301: black short bed in No. 40 cabinet
The idea of a table that could be used as a side table as well as house such a great sewing machine was interesting. Then she found out about the cradle and how it could easily travel with you (she's a quilter) it was sold. But it's not over yet...

Kristi wanted to see a different machine in a bentwood case so I brought out an adorable Singer 128 with near perfect decals. It took some doing to find the cords but they were found and deemed safe enough to plug in. It has the knee control and a full set of attachments so we made another deal: I would rewire the cord and provide long shuttle bobbins.
Singer 128
Three for three: it was only Monday! On that high note I got to work on them, promising to have the Singer 301 table restored, not refinished, the Singer 128 supplied, and she took the Singer 285 home with her leaving a large down payment.

By the end of the day on Monday I've repainted a Singer 99 and on day 2 of my vacation the finishing touches were applied:

First coat
Second coat 
Done for today with hand crank added

Black accents
Now I need a base to put her in, probably painted black or covered with black fabric. In some lights it looks golden and in others it looks khaki. My husband thought of camouflage but he sees that in oh so many things. It does look pretty handsome! It painted up rather quick with Rustoleum Hammered Finish using a foam brush. Now I have to wait one week before I go back to touch up and we shall see how long the finish lasts. From past experience I know the paint has to cure a long time so this one isn't going to be sold any time soon but I just might enjoy looking at it, don't you think?

Who knew vacations at home could be so much fun?

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