Monday, August 15, 2016

End of a Vacation

It's all over now and I'm heading back to work today. Vacation was fun with many unexpected happenings but they were the most fun. Here's my list of what I had hoped to accomplish:
  • Rewire Singer 201-2
  • Photograph and post many more sewing machines for sale
  • Sew up the little girl dresses already planned
  • Sew a dress for myself (already cut out)
  • Attend 3 big sales
  • Check out motors on 3 machines with husbands help
  • Refinish more cabinets in the garage
  • Check out gas grill and either clean and fix or sell
  • and many, many phone calls I've been meaning to make
As I read over this list I can see that I only went to the 3 big sales but none of the other things on the list! But, here's what I did do:
  • Mowed the lawn twice
  • Talked on the phone with my mom (something I don't do enough of)
  • Sold 5 sewing machines, one more to be picked up later this month
  • Bought 4 sewing machines (please tell me that I'm one down, not 4 up)
  • Enjoyed carry out dinners twice, plus all those wonderful leftovers
  • Spent lots and lots of time with my husband (so this is what retirement might look like?)
 The weather was pretty much hot and rainy so that kept me out of the garage and all of those projects but I basically did what I felt like doing and that just felt good. On Sunday afternoon we took a drive heading east for me to pick up a Viking Platinum 730 sewing machine:
Viking Husqvarna Platinum 730
 I know, I know, this is hardly vintage but I'm such a sucker for those Viking sewing machines. It doesn't do much more than my ancient Viking 1100 but it's oh so pretty! White plastic is pretty? Probably not but once in awhile you have to give in to modern technology. This model is about 10-15 years old and retailed much more than I spent so I think it should last many more years. As I say, there's a machine for everyone and this one might just hit someone as the love-of-their-sewing-life when I have my sewing machine garage sale in September.
Central control
It's pretty easy to figure out the buttons and if you don't have your paper manual (there are 2 of them) you can flip up the top and see all of the second set of stitches that are hiding under a simple button to change it to the second menu of stitches:
Manual needle threader is included and it does make threading the pesky eye of the needle easier, plus it has needle up or down by tapping your foot on the foot control. Sweet. The only drawback was it came with only one bobbin. What? Guess I can provide those but it was an oversight on my part.

It's back to work for me, no sewing, no furniture refinishing, but it should be a welcome relief for my hands that will ache if I push them too hard. Rest little hands, another vacation is far away.

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