Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ode to a Featherweight

I like that title but I'm not going to construct verse for the Singer 221, also known as the Featherweight, but I am going to say goodbye to her:

Singer 221
It's time to sell her but I'll be sorry to see her go. No, I'm not sewing with her but somehow it was just nice to see her waiting on the shelf. Yes, I have too many sewing machines that I love but do not sew with and it's time to remember that I am trying to run a business. She is in used condition so has gentle scratches on the bed surface but only one place where the decals have worn off. All of the assessories are included and original, including the foot control in excellent shape.

Manual, bobbins, needles, keys!

So many feet plus screwdrivers

It all fits together so neat!
I have had fun with it, making pincushions and taking it into school when I mended the first set of choir robes. She is lightweight, as the name implies, but I also have other compact sewing machines (Kenmore 158-1030 and 1050) and I really, really love my little Singer 99 and prefer to sew on her in comparison to the Featherweight. So I have to say goodbye, I hope you go to a fine home where you are treasured and used on a daily (okay, maybe weekly) basis. She is in very good condition, not perfect but very good, so I have settled on a decent price, not to be greedy but to be fair to myself, too.

It was fun for awhile but now we have to part. I hope I don't regret this but writing about it has helped me let go.

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