Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Little Saturday Serendipity

I love a Saturday with no plans, walking around in pajamas, drinking cups of coffee, reading the newspaper. Last Saturday was just such a day with no special plans so I did a little sewing, worked in the yard, cooked up some applesauce, and made Belgium waffles for lunch. When I finally sat down for a quick late afternoon nap I check my phone and went to the local Craigslist ads. Why, why, why? I was trying to rest, not look at more sewing machines! I tell myself I'm just checking out the "competition" but I'm only kidding myself because when the right sewing machines come along I'm ready to buy.

The ad said there were four sewing machines, two in cabinets, $10 each. The photos weren't too clear and I think only two were heads and then two closed cabinets. Upon closer inspection I saw that one was a Singer 201. No kidding. A 201. The 201. $10. I text the seller and asked if the photo of the Singer with the light in front was still for sale (it's now 4 hours after the posting start) and it still was. Got the address and took off, checking first to see if my husband wanted to eat dinner now or later. After those waffles he was willing to wait, just my good luck. The Singer was on the front step when I pulled up so I handed the woman $10 when she asked if I wanted to see the others. Of course: I thought you'd never ask! One was a Singer vibrating shuttle in very poor condition, an old White with mold spores (I already have two in good shape), and a Kenmore that was shiny black in a model 15 style. The Kenmore had my interest but the poor cabinet was painted red so was a disaster. No plug, no foot control. Hummm. But here's a lady that wanted them gone so I offered $5 and the 201 and a black Kenmore came home with me:

Singer 201-2
 Besides just needing a good clean-up, the foot control had been snipped off but the wiring appeared to be in fine shape. Six feet of new lamp cord (16/2?) for the foot control and she runs. Well, sorta, so I had to take the bobbin casing out, clean up and figure out how it was supposed to work. This is where owning another one comes in handy to check and see how it was supposed to look and work. I've got it working now but the tension is off so more adjustment is coming. The bed of the machine has almost no decals left but the paint is smooth and still very usable if not very pretty. Here's the good part: I looked up the date via the serial number plate and it was dated June 13, 1950. Yes, my sister Sue, one day before you were born. How about that? I think she should be named Susan.

The Kenmore is a 148-273 and looked pretty good but needed a cleaning and a three slot plug. I do have one but the control is supposed to be a cabinet mounted knee control so it's a bit tricky to sew while holding the control in both hands. But she does sew and is quite handsome:

Kenmore 148-273
Isn't she a beaut? From what I can tell, she even sews fairly well but I will have to figure out something else for the foot control. This was one great Saturday, with two sewing machines that might not be exactly classic but come with all that's needed to sew, and do it with style.

I continue to try and finish up the spray painting in the garage since the daytime temps are only mid 50's so really too cold to leave a sewing machine out in the garage to dry. I will try my best to spray paint when I get home and it's the highest temperature for the day and then bring the sewing machine indoors before bed so it can dry in a warm environment. It's getting exciting to see the Pfaff 130 turning out so well but I'm trying to beat-the-clock of impending winter. Speaking of winter and trying to get the cars back into the garage: anyone want a free cabinet? They have got to go!


Michelle said...

Does the foot control to your Kenmore look like a normal one, but has a lever attached to it? If it does, have your hubby grind the rivet that holds it onto the controller off, and you are set!

Karen said...

Don't I wish! It's one of those square types that gets mounted via brackets that doesn't convert to a floor control. I have several like that with the 3 blade plug, all Kenmores, I think. Great idea for the other kind, though!