Thursday, October 23, 2014

Necchi in Black

In an effort to get the cabinets out of the garage, I finished another cabinet thinking I had a very specific sewing machine for it. Not so! Here's the Stratavario cabinet, before and after:

Now it's in good shape!
Before: woe is me!

This was too nice to let go so I stripped off the old finish and it sat for some time until I finally got it stained and polyurethaned this week. Didn't it turn out nice? There is a little tray inside the front door for supplies but it has nice lines and solid wood with a small footprint. Perfect for the Necchi BU in black so I pull it out and this is what I find on the back side of it:

Motor off of the Necchi BU
See the cracked wire? Even at the plug end the wire is split, somewhat of a crummy job. I admit, sometimes I haven't done the best of jobs as I've been learning but this one needs new wiring. I opened the motor up and see that it's quite good inside so I cut off that old wire outside of the casing and splice in a new wire and reattach the plug, making sure the wires are not split. As I look at the sewing machine laying down I see I must not have finished the cleaning job because she's a mess back there:

Back of hand wheel on Necchi BU
Many cotton balls later, she gets cleaned and polished with Tri3 Resin Glaze, a car product that works wonders. Here she is all ready to put in the cabinet:

Necchi BU back with new wire

She's beautiful in black!
Her finish is not the best, showing wear along the front and on the bed but she runs fine, if a little noisy. I can't figure out what is causing the slight thunk thunk but I'll keep trying to figure it out. When I go to put her in the refinished cabinet the pins/pegs on the cabinet don't fit! They are too fat, the lament of many of us when we try on something new. So which sewing machine is supposed to go in this standard opening cabinet? I try many of them and can't figure it out so end up with a Morse

that doesn't need this type of cabinet but it does fit and this is a great sewing machine. I might keep searching for the one I think should go in there but in the meantime the Morse can enjoy a bit of class for awhile.

Cabinets in the garage count: only 2! Stay tuned!

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