Wednesday, January 16, 2019


I'm on a roll with making bags and all kinds of hunting/fishing gear for carrying and storing stuff. On Saturday I buzzed over to Ellie's to pick up some vinyl she was going to give away and then had to figure out what to do with it. Because of the size of the pieces, I took the biggest of the heavier pieces and decided to make up a bag to replace a taped up plastic bag. That's right, my husband was using a large plastic bag from Fleet Farm to haul around a sleeping bag and other bedding. When it developed holes he used packing tape to hold it together but it was about at the end of its life when I spied it in the laundry room. We could do better than this. It took under four hours on a Saturday night to come up with this:
Long view of his new gear bag
Short end to show off the zipper
The size was determined by the biggest piece of vinyl I had and I took suggestions for the handle placement. I wanted it to be sealed up pretty tight so suggested a zipper closing rather than Velcro or grommets. Time will tell how this holds up, especially in our cold climate.

 Not wanting to let any grass grow under my feet, I tried my hand at a vinyl bag like the cloth ones I've been making:
Front of bag laid flat
Back, or inside, of bag

Finished bag with lining
I'm not that crazy about vinyl bags myself so I was hoping a cloth lining would give a softer feel with the durability and waterproof features of the vinyl. It sure gives it more personality than the plain vinyl but hunters and fishermen don't care about personality. This bag is for a woman! I even made the side seams with a flatfell seam so it would be smooth and finished inside, a must to hide the shape edges of the vinyl. That was difficult on the last side but it can be done.

When I stopped by Ellie's she also had saved some attachments for me:
Kenmore cams, attachments, and booklets
I almost made a trip last week to pick up some of the same from a CL ad but had to cancel when I figured out how far the drive would have been. Now I'm glad I waited! My sister also sent a fun package of zippers, a walking foot labeled "New Home", and a plastic Singer box, the likes I have never seen before:
Plastic divided Singer box
All fun additions that will go with machines down the way. Hang onto those odds bits: you never know when the right machine will come along. It will, trust me.

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