Thursday, April 21, 2016

Over the River and Through the Woods

We got on the road for our trip to Missouri by 6:30 am Wednesday morning, almost 12 hours on the road with only two stops so now we are resting up for the big day tomorrow. I'm so excited about taking Ray Whites class on beginning sewing machine repair! I noticed I made the reservation mid-January so this has been a long time to wait. We brought Jim's daughter along to visit a friend in St. Louis and I thought it might be just another complication along the way but, no, she was a delight to come along and we all had fun, at least as much fun as you can have on such a long ride (with two old people).

Before we even left, on Tuesday night I had an appointment with Brad who was very excited to try out the Singer 306. We had to wait almost a whole week until both of us could agree on a time and I knew this was going to be crunch time. Brad liked the 306 and brought along a vinyl type of fabric to test it out. I also brought out a Singer 15-91 and a basic Kenmore 158-1340 but neither of them were as good as the 306 for feeding this special type of fabric that was slightly nylon in texture but with a flannel-type of backing. He was sold on the Singer and asked if I was into repair of older Elnas. That was a properly timed question since I was heading south to take a class from an Elna expert!

After Brad left I called up about a BabyLock serger that was for sale. As it turned out, it wasn't going to be an hour away from me but in the next town for 24 hours. I think that serger was just calling my name so I dashed over to pick it up. Along with the serger came a pile of fabric and some costume patterns and a full kimono. What? That's right, a full mustard colored cotton kimono. One of the patterns was just an empty envelope but there was a large envelope with paper for using your printer to print onto fabric so that was a pleasant find. Fabric all got washed and packing was completed on-time so onward to Missouri!

We had to stop along the way to stretch our legs so we ended up at a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store. This was a place that was pretty much a dumping ground but as a true thrifter I wasn't deterred. I was hoping to find a small footstool for a special order through my Etsy shop. I have been corresponding with a woman who would like me to make a footstool cover out of her father's neckties who has recently passed away. This was to be a gift for her mother and a very sweet idea but first I needed to get another footstool. I found one and brought it home but it is really too big at 18" tall and 18" in diameter. So we enter with one goal in mind: small footstool. No footstool this time but wouldn't you know it, I found 3 sewing machines: one old Kenmore in a small table, one empty table (with the hope of a sewing machine), and one portable Kenmore. I opened the portable up to find a clean as a whistle model 158-13160 complete with a set of accessories in original cardboard box. Of course, I walk away. At the check out with Jim, who gets a plaque with a woodland scene of shaped copper or brass for only 50 cents, I mention there was a sewing machine and like a true supporter he said I better go back for it. He didn't have to convince me:
Kenmore 158-13160

Would we have room in the trunk? Of course! Upon testing, it wasn't going to zigzag but it was only a little bit stuck and then it really took off. Sounded great, fully equipped, she went out to the car. Oh boy, here's what the back looked like (after Angie took her stuff out in St. Louis):

This is a sewing machine adventure and it has only just begun!


Thin Man Sewing said...

Any room for luggage? LOL

Michael C said...

love those machines.