Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Not So Lucky

My last post detailed finding two sergers at great prices but I already have to "part out" the EuroPro 534. I tired, I really did, to get the feed dogs moving correctly but upon taking it all apart, my husband and I could see there was a fitting deep inside that was not working correctly. If you can't get to it, you can't fix it. There are times when a scenario like this seems tragic but not so with this newer serger that had been sitting unused for so long. Besides, it came with the following goodies:
Set of 7 feet with samples for 8 different uses
I could probably sell the feet but I'm going to hang on to them in hopes for another machine to come along that could use them. Of course I don't have one now but just maybe...
Serger soft carrying case: really large!
I already have several sergers that could use the carrying case so it might just be the next one that walks out the door or I could keep it in hopes that I can convince one of my daughters to take a serger home and use it. Such an item is always handy to have around.
Scrap bag that hooks around suction feet (there were 2)

Serger course book with additional helps

Dodads that didn't get put into use right away

 But right now the dodads are being put into use first. When I got the Bernette 234 without any accessories, it was in need of the plastic cone holders so I took them off from the EuroPro. The extra lint brush, double eyed needle, and tweezers were put right into the Bernette for easy access. Cool. I was so happy to put the Bernette to use that I took out some random cotton knit that I was going to use for stitch samples and made up seven bags to hold foot controls with their cords. I think the bed of the sewing machine (or serger) can get all banged up when it travels with the foot control just stuffed in next to the machine. Now seven of mine will have a soft bag to contain them. I need to go to my pile of knits and cut out a few shirts to sew up on the sergers to put them to good use. I feel productive just writing that. Now I'll have to get to work!

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