Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Anniversary (Continued again)

Here we are at this mega garage sale, having already bought some fishing gear, a toaster oven, and two sewing machines. We are both feeling pretty satisfied but don't want to go home just yet and what do we find? A cabinet that I've wanted and I hope it has a good model inside:
Singer N90 cabinet
Doesn't this cabinet look like a modernized treadle with the pair of drawers on each side with the flip top? There's a page about these cabinets and it looks like it's a Student Cabinet N90, compatible with early electric machines. I open it up to find a singer 401A, an all-time favorite!

Singer 401A
She's got spots!
It's very dirty, with spots all over it but I think this is just surface so I ask the seller about it. She makes a confession that she didn't buy it for the sewing machine but for the table and she had such hopes for it. It was taller than other tables so would work well with her sofa that had higher sides but her husband didn't like it so she had to let it go. She would take less due to its condition so we paid, exchanged information, and now I started to wonder how I could fit it in with the treadle in my vehicle. Oh well, we would figure something out! We continue to shop and I spy a White that is mostly plastic so even the $10 price tag doesn't entice me. There are cute accessory boxes that I pick up and even a nice set of attachments for a Kenmore with buttonhole attachment. I also find a Kenmore in pretty rough shape so I pass it by once, then twice, and I go back to see how bad it is. Oh no, it's rusty underneath and I find it's been in the garage "for awhile" but I love the lavender color.
Kenmore 158-321 looking cleaner
I've never seen a bobbin case this rusted
Yup, we pay for it and now know we will have to make two trips home. This we finally carry to the car and make our way back to the addresses to pick up the sewing machines.

We only get as far as loading the treadle and the Singer 401 before we are full so we go home to unload, eat a late lunch, and trek off again. This time we fit the Kenmore, go back for the Bernina, and claim we are done. Just a few more? On our way back we find something intriguing: respirator tubing, a huge box of it with other parts. Since my husband was a respiratory therapist he knows exactly what this is and the value of it. I'm all excited because it can be used on treadles in place of the leather belt. In 16 feet packages, it totals over 1000 feet, enough for an army of treadles! We have also decided tonight was going to be a pizza night because by now we have to admit our feet hurt. It was such a good sale today that I'm more than satisfied but then I remember I'm going to pick up another sewing machine on Sunday evening.

Here we go....

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