Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vintage Fabrics

Lucky me, I like to go to garage sales and this past season I only made it to a few but they were productive if you like vintage fabrics. When I've had a booth at a craft fair I have been asked if I have anything out of vintage fabrics and I have to say no and even wondered what I could make out of this older and weaker fabric that would hold up to everyday use. The hot mitts surely aren't good out of vintage fabric! Then I stumbled on the calendar towels as tote bags and found I could line them with vintage fabric. Not a bad idea but I kept searching for just the right application. I kept acquiring these wonderful tea towels, tablecloths, dresser runners, and pillowcases, some for as little as 25 cents each. So here's what I've come up with so far:

This cute little square opens up to 3 pockets with tea bags
Same tea bag gift idea with vintage dish towel/cloth

Elegant with an embroidered napkin
They are a bit tedious to make, mainly because I keep trying to match colors and fabrics and that can be a never ending task, but I did have fun with them. Wouldn't they be nice little gifts for the tea drinker in your life?

With some larger pieces of fabric I thought it would be fun to make some toaster covers. Why not? One of the first ones was a cute plaid but which color for the bias trim? I sent this photo to my sister, Sue, and daughter, Kelly, for a vote:

Vote, please!
You might know it, Sue liked red and Kelly liked blue. As it turned out I liked red also but couldn't find my red fabric to make the bias tape so I had to use the blue since it was already in my supplies (so Kelly won after all). Here are four that were made for the craft fair next weekend in Elk River, MN:

Red border print in the back, plaid dish towel with blue bias, tiny red tomatoes behind, and vintage roses on the right
I still have time to make tea cozies out of the floral tablecloths and they are all easy to whip up with no hand sewing so they are fast, too. What else would you make on a vintage sewing machine besides vintage linen items?

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