Friday, September 26, 2014


Today we bring you....
Goodhousekeeper "Deluxe"
this golden gem, the Goodhousekeeper! Not to be confused with Good Housekeeping, the magazine, institute, and seal of approval that seemed so important in the 1950's and '60's, this is a brand of sewing machines. I have another one in tan that looks just like it except it is missing its motor so I have it in a treadle cabinet:
Goodhousekeeper without motor
She comes to me via Goodwill Online Auctions where I only bid on those sewing machines that I can easily pick up in St. Paul, close enough that I can run over on a lunch hour to pick up. The carrying case is also gold and white and would make a very pretty sight except the bottom is badly cracked so I'm hoping to glue it back together again. But the machine goes beyond just being pretty; it sews a great stitch:

Stitch sample
The matching foot control is in great shape in the striking gold like the sewing machine but there's a fly in the ointment: the foot control races! There is no slow, just full out. When I traded it for a new foot control it ran just fine but I love the gold of the original controller! It's like matching luggage.

Yes, it's gold!
Garage sales are plentiful and the nice weather we are experiencing helps, so today I stopped at one that was advertised on Craigslist as having a vintage sewing machine. You bet they did and it came home with me:
Carlton, a model 15 type
I thought I had looked at the cord, even taped a small part, so I ran the machine but good and she is great. When I went to clean it I noticed the wires at the back for the motor and they were cracked and when touched they crumbled and I ran it with those poor wires! I got out my trusty wiring supplies and dusted off my skills but managed to rewire and motor and get it working and safe again. I did see a few "sparks" when I ran it the first time but after the rewire there were no sparks. Whew, that was a close one.
Hard to tell, but the wires for the motor are no longer cracked
She came with a manual and the case was in good shape and even clean so I'm a happy camper. The bed of the Carlton is well nicked but otherwise it's a good, strong, straight stitch sewing machine that I will let go for  a really low price. Yes, something for everyone!

Carlton manual

Goodhousekeeper manual, well used!

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