Monday, May 19, 2014

Crowd Control

As my husband Jim reminds me "It's getting crowded in here!" and I have to agree. In the love affair I have with sewing machines, I have to remember that when one goes in another one needs to go out but it just doesn't work that way. There are times when I acquire several machines and no sales but then I will sell three in one week! Sales have picked up, though but so have garage sale finds and I have to step up the ads on Craigslist or we won't be able to walk around. Here is one of my typical listings:

White 675 Sewing Machine in Cabinet - $80 (Blaine)

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More than just a basic sewing machine, this vintage beauty has a whole selection of decorative stitches including stretch stitches for sewing knits and fleece. Take a look at the stitch sample to see what it can do. Comes with an original manual, bobbins, needles, assorted feet, etc. in an accessory box. Sturdy maple cabinet in excellent condition has drawers for storage, including a top drawer with pin/dowels for spools of thread or bobbins. Check out the comfortable reupholstered chair (really is green leaves with dark blue accents) that has a seat that lifts to reveal even more storage. Desktop opens wide for a great work surface and closes up to made a discrete desk. Now you can sew without having to set up: it's always ready for your current project!  

I really, really like this sewing machine in a vintage cabinet but it is not selling, even with a ridiculous price of only $80. Jim has a new camera so a redo of photos might be in store so they can see the green and blue upholstered chair does go better with the green sewing machine.

Last week there were two responses to a retro Singer 328k. One person came on Saturday but did not leave with it, instead buying a much higher priced Singer 401A, one of my all time favorites.  She did not like the way the decorative stitches showed on lighter weight fabrics and I had to agree, the 328K just did not have the best decorative stitches, especially on light fabric. I showed her an Elna but she was really set on a Singer so the 401A came out to play. She was very sold, even without a carrying case. 

Here's the Singer 328K, which is a workhorse of a sewing machine, just not great with fancy stitches:

That's alright because someone else is coming tonight to look at it with hopes it will be sold (or maybe enticed with a different sewing machine?)

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