Saturday, May 24, 2014

All Boxed In

In search of a wooded box to hold the Singer 99 hand crank, I answered a Craigslist ad for a garage sale.

Above is a photo with a tiny shot of a Western Electric that I was hoping had the smaller base that a Singer 99 needs. The Singer 99 is the little sister to a Singer 66 and the only smaller box I had was a nice bentwood case that I was using for my own 99. This could be a long search. Much to my delight, they answered my email and said it was not sold and I could come early on Saturday morning before I got into work. Here it is in the back of my car:

Not only was it running well, it was clean and in good physical condition. What were the chances? Did they have the top for it? Of course! The motor is a bit odd, having to swing it away to put the top of the case back on:

Hard to see in this photo (sorry!) but it is hinged onto the back of the sewing machine and moves forward onto the center of the harp (bed of the sewing machine).
From the top down, you can see there is a motor pulley that comes into contact with the hand wheel to make everything move. It looks very worn but it seemed to work fine.

Just my luck. I find the right box, the right price ($10), and I don't have the heart to take it out of the case just to use the case for the 99 hand crank. I'm not fond of the vibrating shuttle system this one sports so that might encourage me to set it aside while I recover the wood box for the 99 but when will I find another small sewing machine case for this one?

Just as I was driving down the street to see this sewing machine I remembered having come here in the winter to look at a Necchi Julia. Back then it was -5 degrees and I was standing in a garage looking at the Julia. By the time we agreed on it, only 5-10 minutes, my toes were very numb. Today was a beautiful spring day so I hardly recognized the house but it was the same family! I reminded them that I was the one who came out in the cold to buy their Necchi but they had shorter memories than mine or I'm not as memorable as I think I am. Oh well, this time I got a real bargain, leveling the 12 times the price I paid last time on that bitter cold day.

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