Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Purge

With Christmas right around the corner, I'm as busy as the next person but I also know this is the season people start to think about staying home and getting some things done. New Years resolutions can bring out the crafty in us as we think about new hobbies, finishing up the pile of mending, or just upgrading our current equipment. Used sewing machines to the rescue! This is about the busiest sales time for me so I need to be ready.

Ellie, my gateway to a sewing ministry in Haiti, made the mistake of showing me the next shipping container and I couldn't help but note some empty space. She said she could fill it with portable sewing machines if I had any that would work and still be cheap. Be still my beating heart: I found at least eight she could possibly use. While I was getting them ready I heard from Darlene who was going to be in the Twin Cities for Christmas and was looking for sewing machines for granddaughters. She liked the Husqvarna Scandinavia:
Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 100
and was looking for others of the same ilk. If she liked a Viking she might like the Emerald 118, a good basic machine with a few more bells and whistles:

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118
I couldn't help but think of another good beginner sewing machine, a Riccar 9900:
Riccar 9900
All three had a nice variety of stitches with stretch included and buttonholes of various sizes. The Riccar was probably twenty years older than the 2004-5 dates of the Vikings but included more stitches and two storage compartments. Darlene came over soon after she landed and looked all three over. She was charmed by the Riccar, too, and said it would be perfect for one granddaughter but had a much harder decision with the remaining two Vikings. They each had their pros and cons and even though I liked the Emerald 118 much better, in the end she went home with the Scandinavia. One machine was staying in Minnesota but the other one was flying home with her to Washington state. That's one nice grandma!

Of the eight machines possibly destined to Haiti, Ellie chose to take all of them. I was so excited and didn't want to have to haul any of them back into the basement to find a new spot for them. It included three Singer 237's, a Singer 66 with lotus decals, another Singer 15 clone called Helvetica (stamped Made in Switzerland), Necchi Alco, Singer 177C, and a Morse 400.  All were in cases except for two of the 237's, some were zigzag, some only straight stitch, all with regular needles and only one that took class 66 bobbins. They like to keep it simple and I agree they shouldn't have to keep s supply of different needles and bobbins for a wide variety of sewing machines. Ellie and her friend Karen were happy with the haul and I just hope they find room for a few more: I left the Kenmore's behind but I could be talked into it!
Lined up and ready to get shipped out
While I was searching for parts, I found a Singer 15-91 that was a good stitcher with a new set of cords and foot control but not a beauty:
Singer 15-91: yes, the finish is that dull
Her decals are pretty well worn away and her clear coat has been cracked and shows significant wear. Have no fear, someone will be happy to have such a good machine even if she is not very pretty. There is a sewing machine for everyone who wants to sew and I hope there are a few you might share your stories with us. Beautiful or ugly? They are not going to win in a beauty pageant, just winning the talent contest.

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