Monday, April 10, 2017

It's the Little Things

When you are looking for a solution to a problem, sometimes it's the little things that become the solution. Twice in one week I had sewing machines that were sluggish or frozen up. My first find was a Viking 12-1:
Viking 12-1
It was posted on a local for sale site through Facebook but it wasn't for sale: it was free. I sent a message saying I only wanted the sewing machine, not the cabinet, but would take both and donate the cabinet if they didn't mind. Nope, she just wanted it gone. Come pick up day I get a message saying it would be in the driveway but they weren't going to be home. What? How was I going to get it in my car? Would I be brave/coward to just take the sewing machine and leave the cabinet? I hoped it wouldn't come to that but....

When I got to their house it was obvious they weren't at home when their dog was barking the whole time since I was an intruder on his turf. I got the machine out along with the motor block and foot control and some accessories in the desk. Now what? I knocked on the door anyway but no answer so I went back to the cabinet, removed the three drawers and gave a tentative lift. It wasn't as heavy as I thought so I carried it over to the back of the Jeep, gave a lift, and shoved it in. The drawers followed and I drove it straight over to one of the local thrift stores. They gladly took it and gave me a discount card, too!

Once home I set her up for cleaning and repair to find there was no movement. Taking the bobbin holder and entire mechanism out also didn't magically open it up either. I was back to Triflow and the heat of a hair dryer before there was a tiny amount of movement. Then I remembered to check for thread caught in any moving part and did find about five inches wound around the take up lever. Although it helped, there still is no movement of the hook. This is going to take some time and patience, I can see.

The next day I stopped at the Goodwill Outlet and spied a Necchi 531FA in a suitcase that appeared to be in good condition. It came home with me and cleaned right up and ran pretty good but there was some hesitation. Taking a look inside to find any place where it might be binding I found:
Necchi 531FA: do you see the red thread?

thread in the take up lever. This time it was closer to eight inches and was slow to be unwound. It ran better and I think it is going to be a fine sewing machine for the occasional sewer or a newbie.
Necchi 531FA all cleaned up
Yes, it can be the little things that trip us up. Yet they can be the pathway to a great find when the previous owner figured the sewing machine was just getting old and slow. Nope, just needed a little TLC, just like we all do as the years go by. Better get up and take that walk now.


Jonathan said...

That green Viking is really nice. Is that a full size machine or is it a 3/4 size?

Karen said...

The Viking appears to be full sized, fitting into a standard sized cabinet opening, but just not a real big machine. Everything is moving on it now but the timing is off...