Thursday, March 30, 2017

Playing Catch-Up

It has been a wild winter that didn't seem to exist for me because all of a sudden we are into spring. This should be much cause for rejoicing but I find myself lethargic and in the need of motivation. This blog is a source of motivation: what will I write about next? Nothing to write about? Make something happen! But I have just come home from another week away, this time at a conference for my real job, and coupled with my extended stay in Florida to care for my mom, there has been precious little time for my sewing machine adventures. Besides, my biggest fan, my mom, is no longer here to cheer me on and I realize that has taken a bit of the shine from my writing endeavors. But you are my fans and I thank you for all your kind words and encouragement to keep going, even when it feels like some of the light has gone out.

Even while I'm gone, sewing machines are being sold: Loretta came last night to get the second Elna 1010 for a sewing class that is offered for a special education class she works with. There are two sewing machines and one is used just to learn to stitch straight on paper. Their second sewing machine was used to actually make a bag but it was unreliable so she came for the Elna 1010, a great sewing machine for this purpose.
Elna 1010
There are a couple appointments over the weekend to take a look at the beginner sewing machines (yes, you have to come to my house to actually try them out, not just exchange machine and money in a parking lot) and a Singer 201-2 that has already been paid for but needs to be picked up. Checking my Craigslist ads I see I only have two active ads so I better get going and list some more before spring is really upon us and no one wants to stay indoors and sew. I can't blame them.

Next up will be Joyce's sewing machine, a nice Kenmore 158-12121. It's a very basic but sturdy sewing machine but does tend to look pretty plain:
Kenmore 158-1212

and then there's sewing machines from long ago that have been overlooked, such as an Elna Super:
Elna SU (she's super)

and a Damascus Electric that has a very prolonged set of repairs (over two years?):

Damascus Electric

and Elgin Rotary in a table:
Elgin Rotary

a blue Sewmor that is way heavier than she should be (but what a gal!):

and that weird Western Electric that I don't like personally:
Western Electric

and one I really like, a Brother 4001 that can be used without a knee or foot control:

Brother 4001

And, finally, a classic Singer 15-91 in an excellent table:

Singer 15-91
I have photos for most of them, just need to spend the time writing up all of the particulars. Just going over my database and looking for sewing machines to post has been motivating for me. So I thank you, my readers, for getting me out of my doldrums and back on the saddle again, so-to-speak. Time's a wasting!

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Jonathan said...

I found a New Home sewing machine on the curb with the trash on my way home from the gym back in January. It looks similar to the Elna 1010 you posted. The stitch selection looks similar also. It's a really nice machine. Haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or not. It would be a great machine to take to sewing classes.