Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Penny For Your Thoughts

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you might have noticed there are ads on Sewing Machine Mavin's blog now. Thank you for reading my blog as I ramble on about vintage sewing machines and sewing on them. In my adventures at work I found a course on Google Analytics and as part of that course I was made aware of AdSense, a Google product where they manage ads on your web page and you make money. That seemed simple enough. After more searching about AdSense I found out not everyone who applies gets in, there are some specific things you need in place before you even apply, so now was the time to get all of my ducks in a row. I took to heart 12 Things to do Before Applying for AdSense so I added an "about" page, a policy page, and cleaned things up a bit. I even tried out new templates only to discard them. You are now seeing one that I'm trying out but don't expect it to stay. Then I applied to AdSense and waited for a few days. I got accepted! First try! That might not be unusual but not everyone gets in so I'm busy patting myself on the back.

Here's where the truth comes in: you make money but it's measured in pennies. As I understand it, from my blog post for every click on an ad I get a small kickback. Small, very small. I do get hundreds of visits every day so I think this is only going to grow so I check in every once in awhile to see what my earnings might be and wonder when they will cut me a check. Well...I need to reach $100 before they pay back. This could take years! I'm not going to get rick quickly but I hope the ads are interesting and relevant, add to my blog, and don't irritate you, my faithful readers, too much.

I read an article recently through the Treadleon Yahoo group about trying to put a Singer treadle in a museum or library collection at Harvard. This was a fascinating article for those of us with treadle sewing machines because it was an excellent model in very good condition that any one of us would like to have.

Apparently, Harvard had a difficult time finding anyone to put this Singer 27 with sphinx decals in their collection and it ended up in the office of a librarian. Of course. This librarian, a.k.a. Sewing Machine Mavin, has been known to bring a sewing machine to work but to have one in your office, to even have space for one in your office, would be a little bit of heaven while on the job. Sigh.

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