Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Taking a Chance

Maybe I'm immature or reliving my adolescence because I seem to enjoy risky behavior. I don't go to casinos, or place bets of any kind, and even rarely play cards but I do enjoy winning an online auction. The thrill of winning and the defeat of losing are something I have to carefully watch because it can be addicting! My latest thrill is a Bernina Record 530:

Bernina Record 530 with extension table

I could sing "Ain't she sweet, see her walking down the street, yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?" We aren't going to see this sewing machine walking down the street, but she sure is sweet. I had one just a year ago as a cabinet model that was sold to a very happy lady who wrote back and thanked me for her new sewing machine as she was loving sewing again. So I knew I wasn't taking too big of a chance when I bid on another Bernina Record 530. It did not have a power cord so was untested and that was the real problem because if the motor was bad, oh boy, that would have been a nearly impossible expense. So I took the chance and managed to outbid my fellow Bernina lovers. I was pleasantry surprised when I went to pick her up and found out there was a nice suitcase carrier:
Bernina suitcase carrier

Neat and tidy inside!
As I checked everything over, I counted a dozen of their specialized feet along with twin needles and other special Bernina accessories. It was worth the cost for the presser feet alone!
Organizer on the Record series (all those feet!)
  I used the power cord for my own Bernina Record 730 and got her up and running, even if a bit rough. After a spa treatment of cleaning, oiling, and oiling some more, I got her to purr.
Bernina Record 530 stitch selection
 Now I needed a new power cord so I check my stock and find I have the right plug end so only need to attach the electric cord. Only one bobbin was included but I have a few extra that I can include. Wow, oh wow, that was some win! But there's more...

When I went to pick it up at the online auction center, I went next door to the outlet (you must get bored reading about this activity over and over again  but it's the truth!) and they had five sewing machines on their shelves, each one priced at $10. I looked each one over, trying to decide if any were worth the price and settled on a new-ish Brother XL-3100. It might even be worth it if only for the foot control/power cord and the plastic carrying case that it didn't need because it had a built in handle.
Brother XL-3100
Once I get my treasures home and each gets its turn in "rejuvenation junction" that is actually my kitchen table, I see that the Brother is a very basic machine and is a far cry from the Bernina. If fact, I'm sure having them in the same room is a bit of an insult to the Bernina, but they need to share the same space and both will find worthy homes.
Brother XL-3100 with accessories
 As I always say "there's a home for each and every sewing machine" I sell. There are some that don't get sold (remember the Singer "Featherweight" model 132Q on Retro?) and I break them down for parts because if I can't sew on them with a decent outcome how can I expect anyone else to? Yup, that's why you come to me for a vintage sewing machine: the dogs have been winnowed out and not only is every machine running great, you can return it if you are unhappy with its performance. Now that's a guarantee I can live with!


Thin Man Sewing said...

Beautiful Bernina and case.

Jonathan said...

Do you keep any of the machines you purchase? Or are they all worked on and resold?

Karen said...

I actually do have a select few I have kept and i commented on them in ...and the Winners are http://smmavin.blogspot.com/2014/06/and-winners-are.html