Monday, July 25, 2016

Wizard Update

Despite being disappointed with my Wizard sewing machine arriving damaged (the wood box, not the machine), getting it to sew with the automatic feature took some time and ... wizardry? I tried Triflow sewing machine oil, I tried a hair dryer blowing on old oil, and I even got up every morning to move the camstack while giving it another try. Nothing. Over the weekend, I turned it over and used the hair dryer blowing from the bottom up. With a penlight I could see the bottom of something that was covered in dark oil. Maybe that was it? I set it up again to run it and I couldn't get the camstack to turn. Oh no, what had I done? I went ahead and tried to just see if it would run at all and now....(drum roll here) it was turning automatically! I did it!
I don't know just what I did, but the automatic feature now works. This means you can choose one of the six stitch patterns, pull out the red knob for automatic, and the stitch is made automatically. No cams to insert, or lose, here's what they look like:
Wizard stitch sample

Okay, so they are not as precise as a Bernina, but not too shabby either.  I will have to compare it to the Brother Select-O-Matic since they are nearly the same machine. It runs quiet, but not as a whisper like the Brother but it's still a very nice sewing machine.

Since the box came in pieces, I had to glue it back in to shape and then covered it with a jaunty stripe fabric:
What's inside?

Wizard ready to sew in her newly covered base
Wizard with top behind (just showing off)
I use a spray fabric adhesive so it's not difficult but tedious. This is much better than the old covering and now she's all reinforced and looking spiffy.  I even covered the inside of the top so all of the old paper covering is gone now. I still need to gather up some attachments but she does have a new power cord and foot control since the old one would get too hot and it wasn't safe anymore.  I'm please with the end result and know it's a good machine after all. Print manual? I think I could write up one of my own that would be clearer than the Brother Select-O-Matic but not sure I want to spend the time to do so. We shall see.

Now my Brother has a brother that's not only functioning but easy on the eyes, too. Will she get sold? I hope so but it still needs a nose plate for the left side and that might take some time to locate the right one. But maybe someone will fall in love with it, flaws and all, as I did. Who knows? These things happen!

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