Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Organizing (Again)

The need to bring order into my work space is a never ending desire and sometimes a battle but last weekend I must have been up for the job because I dug in and got things in shape. Bringing home all that lace, ribbon, and trim was quite overwhelming so it took several tries to get it sorted, resorted, moved, and a final spot to reside. That meant I needed to move the items that were in the way (my own sewing machines), then the items I just didn't need anymore (portable TV and metal table), more sewing machines up on shelves (to take the place of those sold), and a final vacuum cleaning. Here's the fruit of my labor:
Machines ready and not-so-ready
 Note plastic drawers between my own desks have lace & trims
Serger center on dresser with my machines in front
Now that feels good: I can walk through the room and even when an ironing board is set up there is room to move. I can get at things without having to stand on top of anything (well, almost) and this gives me more reason to sell, sell, sell. The sergers are selling nicely so I wanted to make sure the temperamental ones were even ready for sale. Meet Mr. Temperamental Number 1:
Huskylock 800
 I have so liked my Huskylock 1000L that I bought a Huskylock 800 but it has not been too happy. Sometimes when I walk away from a problem I can get back to it with a new solution. Sometimes they are magically healed. I don't know how it happens but it might be the oil has soaked in and now everything is moving or those little elves are at it again but it does happen! I made the usual tension adjustments by stitching long strips and changing the tensions one step at a time but even that wasn't catching the left needle thread. Here's what I adjusted that did work:
Differential, density, width
When I adjusted the differential on the left down a bit the left needle thread picked up! That was the problem: the left needle thread was a straight line and not integrated with the rest of the stitch pattern. Here's a sample of the stitches:
Huskylock 800 4 thread overlock stitch
It's not perfect but pretty good: I'm getting there, finally. This feels like a great success since I know this is a good serger, it could stitch a 3-thread perfectly, rolled hem was good, but that 4-thread was not. Now it is with just one tiny adjustment. Do you think Mr. Temperamental just wanted a clean room before he was ready to work right? Sometimes I think there are things that happen in my sewing room when I'm gone that just defy description. But I don't need to know as long as everyone plays well with each other.

Let's just all get along for a change. They must have read my mind. Now on to the Juki...


Jeff said...

I have an old Singer sewing machine in a bentwood case that I cannot unlock. There is what looks to be a keyhole in the front, with a bar in the middle of the hole. Any suggestions?

Karen said...

Singer bentwood cases usually have the lock on one of the sides but here's a trick for all of the bentwood case locks without keys: take a small screwdriver and insert until it engages with that little bar and then turn carefully. You should feel it slide or move. You might have to try a variety of screwdrivers but with careful finessing it should open for you.

Jeff said...

I tried a small screwdriver and it worked - thanks for the tip!