Saturday, February 6, 2016

Getting Fancy

I haven't been too excited about embroidery sewing machines because the end product usually doesn't impress me. Either it's too amateurish or looks too much like mass production. Then a classic Viking Husqvarna #1+ came to me (as if it dropped out of the sky?) and I found out it would embroider with an attachment. I love its predecessor, the Viking 1100 with its interchangeable cassettes, then came the #1 with interchangeable cassettes, but an improved version of the 1100. Hey, if you are named #1 there are high hopes for performance but the #1+ is just that: numero uno with extras. Of course, I had to find the embroidery unit. Here's the one I found, complete with extra cassettes:
Carry case with unit on right, cassettes on left (so many!)
Putting all of it together, I had cassettes A (on machine), B, C, D, E, F, L, M, N and 1. In order to use the unit, I needed a computer card that matched the number card so I was on the hunt for a #1 card. This is not to be confused with a cassette:
Cassette on top and the card on the bottom
After looking for a few weeks I found not only one but two at reasonable prices so I waited with baited breath for the one I ordered from Etsy. It came on a busy day but I found time at 10:30 pm to get things all set up and here's what I tried:
No. 20 and 24 from cassette #1
That is a simple outline design, suggested use for quilt motifs, with a floral spray overlaid. It worked! There were a few lessons along the way (need to slide the hoop onto the arm) and much practice but now I need that shiny embroidery thread. That lead me to a site where I WON $100! That's right, I got an email in December telling me my name was put in a drawing for a free gift  at Sewing Machines Plus because I reviewed one of their products. I did? For $100 you bet I did! Here's what I ordered:

I'm waiting for the thread (back ordered) but I'm very pleased with new scissors. I wanted to get something that I normally wouldn't buy for myself but would be great to have so the thread and scissors fit the bill but my practical side came out with the serger needles. Will I shop at SewingMachinesPlus now that I've spent my gift? I will check there and shop their sales but I don't buy new sewing machines online. I don't buy new sewing machines at all but there are always foot controls and presser feet needed for the vintage sewing machines.

Here's one last look at the Viking Husqvarna #1+ with the embroidery unit installed with hoop, ready to go:
What's next? I think I'm going to read the instructions over and over again and get stitching something fancy!