Monday, January 4, 2016

Learning to Sew

I've been so excited to have a new class offered in our local community ed programs: Vintage sewing machines! Since I have so many maybe I should take this class and see what I've been, wait a minute, I already understand quite a bit about vintage sewing machines and how to use them. Maybe I should be teaching this course. Well, as it turns out...I AM!

That's right, I proposed a class in learning to use your vintage sewing machine and they thought it was a great idea. Beyond the basic organization for the two nights of teaching, I've recruited a fellow sewing enthusiast, Susan, who is willing to help me if the numbers are more than six. There is an online catalog that contains the description of the class and what you will learn as well as the time and cost.

But now I am sad. I have no students. I was warned that it might take awhile for this to catch on as that's  typical for this community but I was still hoping for at least four students so we could get the ball rolling. If you are interested in taking a class like this and you do not live in Minnesota, please take a look at your local community ed classes to see if something is offered. You might not have thought to look into a resource like community education. If you do live in the Twin Cities, well...get going!

What has been happening here in Sewing Machine Mavin's life? My computer went down for a couple days and that caused a bit of panic but my dear son-in-law, who is handy with computers, took it home and replaced the video card and now we are humming again. Whew! That was close.

Along the lines of sewing, I took a favorite old fleece top and cut it apart and made a new one. It was a success, the first of this kind for me. 
Fleece shirt patterned after an old worn out one

With Christmas over, fabric sales are great with 70% off holiday fabric and other clearance fabrics at 90% off plus an additional 20% off the whole bunch of fabric that I purchased. That got a few of the fabrics as low as 72 cents a yard and that's pretty exciting. Sorry, no photos of stacks of fabric this time.

Stay tuned to a fabulous opportunity to see a new movie, Still Stitching by James and Brenda Wolfensberger. As part of this blog, I'm going to review it and you will have the opportunity to purchase at a reduced price or watch it streaming for half price during the month of January. I think we are going to like this but please check back again soon for this great opportunity!

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Thin Man Sewing said...

I watched the trailer for Still Stitching. It looks like an interesting video.