Friday, December 25, 2015

Small But Mighty

I've had a wonderful cabinet sitting in my kitchen. Of course it has a sewing machine in it and not just any sewing machine but a Singer 15-91 with the famous potted motor for gear to gear smoothness and strength. The machine is great with near perfect decals but the cabinet needed a bit of cleaning up and new upholstery on the seat:
Hollywood cabinet
Yesterday was the day to finally replace the red vinyl with new fabric and it was easy to do. I thought I'd share with you how it was done and didn't even require a sewing machine just hammer and nails. For starters, I needed to take the bottom of the seat cushion apart. It was a nice board with only four screws holding it on:
Base of seat cushion
Once it came off I saw there were tacks every two inches but I'm not going to put that many in, hoping the fabric I'm using isn't going to pull out as maybe the old vinyl would. The foam base in still in great condition so I'm leaving it as it is, covering it over with the new striped fabric.
Slab of original foam in excellent condition

I do use the old tacks that pull out straight so I don't have to hunt down the big staple gun.
Seat cushion before

All tacked down

The base board (second photo) gets screwed back on and now returned to the bench: it's a fit!
Seat cushion done and backrest is next (there's storage under the seat cushion)

Now I need to match up the stripes and take off the back rest on the bench but see how it's held on?
Bracket and screw holding the backrest in place
Only a bracket on each side with one screw; that doesn't seem like much but I'm forced to use their system since I have no better plan. Once back in place it now looks great:
Bench seat done and ready for sewing
I think it took me less than an hour and it really updates this marvelous sewing machine that does not go out of date. Here are some photos of this compact cabinet that is housing the Singer 15-91:
Singer 15-91 with nearly perfect decals

Here's my kitchen companion
This might be a small sized cabinet but it holds a mighty sewing machine, ready to tackle all kinds of sewing, from light to heavy. I think that's appropriate on Christmas Day when we think about God coming down to us in the form of man, a tiny humble baby born in meager circumstances. He might have started out that way but He is mighty to save. Now that's a celebration!


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Such a great machine. Your revamp is great