Friday, November 6, 2015

Two for One

I love a good surprise; not the kind where you get that sinking feeling but the kind where you walk away saying "Who knew this was going to turn out so well?" As I was picking up a Viking 19 earlier this week, the seller asked if I would be interested in another sewing machine. Maybe...make and model? She said it was a Singer and brought out this:
Singer 99 with crinkle finish
a very nice Singer 99 in a crinkle finish with a decent bentwood case. Wow, this was nice but I didn't have much cash. She agreed to the amount I could offer and said she was glad someone actually wanted it because it was going to go into the trash. Here's the back story on why she had these two classic sewing machines but didn't know of their value.

Her sister married a man whose wife had died and left her antique sewing machines without a home. Neither of the women, new wife or her sister, knew how to use a sewing machine and they just could not imagine anyone would want something so old. Guess she was wrong because the sister offered to see if they could be sold just to get them out of the house and I answered the ad first. Ah, the early bird getting the worm, once again!

Both machines are dirty but only from sitting around, nothing terrible, but need oil and heat to loosen everything up. The cute little 99 has sticky residue from tape, lots of lint inside the bobbin area, but nothing that can't be fixed. Under that little metal door on the right is a space that hid a box of accessories and an original printed manual.
Singer 99 accessories: note one black foot
What really impressed me was the great shape for the electrical cords on both machines. Does this mean they were rewired? I do not think so but they were definitely stored in a good place that did not deteriorate the wires, so no hot attic, damp basement, or cold garage. They are going to find a good home with someone who will appreciate their excellent condition.

The Viking 19 came in a suitcase that is also in excellent condition with a hard, smooth finish on the outside and an intact interior of plaid cotton. Note the little box built into the back to hold the foot control and cords!
Interior of case with that cute plaid lining

Viking Husqvarna 19

Here she is with the extension table
It not only pays to be prompt but also to carry a bit of extra cash, in this case. It's another good week in Sewing Machine Land but now I need to attend to the craft fair tomorrow. Am I ready? Almost, almost...

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