Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tale of Two Morse

In a previous post about identical Morse 6100, I related how nice a stitch this Morse had and how I found all of the accessories at a different location. It was time to sell the Morse 6100 because, after all, I did have two. I decided it would be best to sell the less complete one that was in a donor case, not as nice as the case with an extension table, plus it was missing the cover for one dial. Photos were taken, description written, posting to local Craigslist completed and then I waited. A couple weeks go by so I repost and there is more waiting. A call finally comes on Sunday night asking if it was still available so we set up a time for the pick-up. As it turns out, this is a gift for a woman who has given to so many, loves to sew, and her friend wanted her to have a nicer sewing machine. The Morse was a good choice!

Here's the one that was listed and sold first:
Morse 6100 in plain case without lettering on left dial

Cute case but not custom

Cams and special stitches

A few hours later, as I was just checking my phone before going to bed, I get an email: is the Morse still available? That would be yes and no: the one in the ad was spoken for but I did have another one that was much nicer but the cost would have to go up. Luckily, that was not going to be a problem since she really wanted to get back into sewing and this looked like the machine she wanted. Both buyers were expected for Monday night and I just marveled that these sister sewing machines, coming from different communities and in different states of repair were going to be sold on the same night!

Here's the differences:

Case is custom made for this model
Blue top comes off to reveal: for accessories and cams
Left: stitch selector dial is original and intact
Morse 6100 complete
This not only is an excellent sewing machine but with this carrying case it has storage and an extension table for a larger work surface. What's not to like about that? As it turned out, Monday night wasn't going to work out for both (but it makes such a good story!) so two days later my final customer comes with a friend to try the Morse out and she doesn't disappoint. I really love this vintage sewing machine as she makes a nice set of stitches, will sew heavy fabric with a heavier needle (size 16 or 18), and will even hem your jeans with a little practice.

So that's the tale of the two Morse sisters: they sat on the shelf together for many months and, apparently, one was not going to be left behind.  I think they will be happy in their new homes.

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